Why Mondays Just Got 10x Better!

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I'm Kicking off this Monday with a little shoulder! Monday to most is dreadful and simply the start to a new week. I like to kick BUTT on Mondays! This helps me start off the week positive and go in with a bang. So...I'm curious to know how you kick off your Mondays? Ask yourself why do you love or hate Monday? What can you do to change or help this mindset? Remember: toxic thinking will and can hold you back from a lot of things. Instead find ways that will help your Monday be kick ass like every other day!

Whys mondays just got 10x better

Prepare for the week

Instead of being unprepared try to get things ready to go for the upcoming week on Sunday. Whether that's meal prep, picking out outfits, washing clothes, checking emails, or even writing blog content. It's better to be ahead of the game then behind. For me I love to plan out my looks for the week with my "Slay Your Day Planner". It helps with developing content and knowing what's to come. Without it I've found that I can be a bit unorganized and all over the place. Other than your electronics where do you keep things so that you're organized? Here's a few of my favorite planners that I'm sure you will enjoy as well!

  • Slay Your Day Planner | Fashion Blogger
  • Happy Planner
  • Simplified Planner

Think Positive

Most of the time just starting with a simple smile helps the day kick off better. This may seem like common sense but we're all guilty of waking up with negative thoughts about Monday. Hoping our boss doesn't come in, the traffic isn't heavy, and that we don't forget to pack our lunch. I mean in a matter of just a few minutes things can kick off on the wrong foot. A positive attitude can take you a long way with not only accomplishing your goals but also feeling good for the week. So go ahead...wake up a little earlier than normal, add a extra treat to your lunch, and kick off your morning with a smile.

Dress the Part

When you look good, you feel good! I truly believe this statement to be true. Add a little more time into your wardrobe for the week. When you set out your looks prior to the day it allows more time to dedicate else where. Feeling good ultimately starts on the inside and reflects out. Once you grasp thinking positive adding a little bit more time to get dressed in the morning will be a breeze and soon become natural.

Be Grateful

Well folks this is the best of them all..but honestly the hardest. No matter how much we plan out how our days are going to go there is still a chance that things just might not go as planned and you know what...it's OKAY! Yesss it's okay! (WOW.. I needed to hear that for myself). Sometimes we get so overwhelmed with being in control of things and complaining about them not going right that simply forget to be thankful.

I hope that you NOW have all intentions of kicking Mondays right in the face!! Lets keep the positive energy going...tweet me @itsarockyworld how you plan to kick off your Monday! #MotivationMonday

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Ra'Chell Richards