Romper Maxi Dress


Starting the week off on a Tuesday really threw me off this week. Seeing as though I spend my time working from home with the blog my days can seem to pile on top of each other. Usually I like to start my day off early with a nice refreshing drink from Starbucks! As of recent I've discovered this Caramel macchiato iced beverage by Starbucks sold at Walmart and man I feel like I lucked up on a gem! I usually spend about $5 on a beverage everyday which is outragous but totally necessary to get through the day. Now that I've discovered this amazing drink at Walmart for only $5 it's been my go-to for the day! 

After a long day of responding to emails, social media post, and filming a couple of things the fiance and I headed down to the city to enjoy some fresh air. I'm always down for walking around the city because the architecture is phenomenal. The colorful buildings, busy streets, and packed restaurants keep me coming back for more. But I think the thing that stands out the most to me and will never get old is the city hall located in the center of the city! This romper maxi dress was the perfect fit for a day in the city and definitely turned heads in the busy streets! I hope you all enjoy your Thursday and continue to push through everything going on in the world. 

P.S try out some of my favorite Starbucks drink right now! 

  1. Strawberry Acai Refresher w/coconut milk
  2. Very Berry Hibiscus tea w/ lemonade instead of water (optional add raspberry) 
  3. Vanilla Chai Tea Latte (Iced) 



Ra'Chell Richards