Red Blazer + Wide-Leg Sailor Pants


This past week has been totally nuts for me! I'm preparing to graduate this upcoming Saturday and I've been driving myself crazy with my daily task. Studying for test, on top of working, while still putting together events, and finding time to pack is a task in itself. Oddly enough I've been finding a way to knock out all these task with a little help of course!

Let's take a moment of silence for Beyonce' lemonade album.  I mean SHE DID THAT!! I literally find myself everyday listening to the album about 4x just to get through the day. HA! I've had the pleasure of seeing the #QueenBey live in concert 3 times and she NEVER disappoints.


Want to hear about the time I won Beyonce' concert tickets minutes before her concert started?

My mission this week is to try and manage everything without going crazy and what better way to kick off the week than with a bomb outfit that will motivate us all! I've been in love with wide-leg pants for a while now but typically can never find a pair that doesn't swallow my whole bottom half plus more. Luckily not too long ago I snagged these bad boys up and they fit like a charm. I opted on pairing them with a printed crop top, gladiator heels, and a blazer to bring a bit of pop of color into the look.  I think I'm ready to conquer the week now!



Ra'Chell Richards