Polka Dots + Royal Blue Pumps


Now you understand why I'm such a fan of mixing prints! I mean aside from it being fun, it can take your look from basic to fabulous real quick. The funny thing about both of these items is I actually bought them at separate points from two different stores. For the longest I didn't even realize both existed in my wardrobe ohhhh but when I did I could have lost it. From first sight I knew that this set would be HOT and it was! Don't you just love finding new ways to style pieces that already exist in your wardrobe! Since I've been playing with prints lately I wanted to give a few tips to help you out if you're considering MIXING it up too!   READY - SET - MIX!

Tips for mixing prints

  • Take risk

Mixing prints is not for the "shy" people. If you're not confident about what you have on it will certainly show through. When rocking prints you're already bringing attention to yourself because your doing something out of the norm. Are you able to accept the attention and own it with confidence?

  • Over doing it can be an epic fail

Chillee....listen I won't be the first to give you a crazy stare but I might be the second. Please don't over do it when it comes to mixing prints. Honesty, no need to go in depth with this because you will feel it when you've gone a tab bit too far. Mixing prints is fun but like I said before it can be a epic fail. A fail so bad that you might not even want to take a stab at it again. A great tip is to start steady and work your way up.

  • Accent with pops of color

If you're going with mixing a nice black and white or even colors, it's always a win if a pop of color appears. It's very rare that you can go with a pop of color and now get away with it.

  • Find a print that's flattering for you and play with it

Finding the perfect print/pattern for you is a must! It's not about what I rock or what Beyonce wears...it's all about what works foryou and your style. When it comes to mixing prints (ultimately) you want to choose prints that are flattering for you. Circles might now be your thing but leopard print is. Take note on how the print makes you feel, shows up on your skin, and how flattering it is on your body. If it's a win..go for it and ROCK IT fiercely.

  • Try not to intentionally go out looking to mix prints. The best mix prints come from your wardrobe when you least expect it.

Unless it's a set that already comes together I would recommend you not to go out with your mind set on mixing prints. More than likely you're probably not going to find what you're looking for. I stand firmly behind the best mixing items being in your wardrobe.

  • Minimum accessories when mixing prints goes a long way

The main focus is on the mixing of the prints and color. Minimal jewelry helps to take the attention from going off of your ultimate goal which is to style your prints.  A nice dainty necklace, bracelet, or watch would be ideal. If you must " do it big" with the accessory GO FOR IT but remember to check your mirror for approval before heading out!

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Are you afraid of rocking prints? What's your favorite prints to style?

Ra'Chell Richards