Monochromatic + Burgundy Look


Spring is starting off a bit "rocky" (no pun intended) over these ways! You may be wondering...just how rocky is it? Well..I like to think that coming in counter with snow still is pretty rocky. lol. All and all I've been making the best of the weather on the Midwest.

Today's look is brought to you by my recent obsession of Monochromatic Looks! If you haven't figured out just by looking at the post monochromatic is containing or using one color.  I've literally been in love with this trend and realized I hadn't put it on the blog for you all. Since transitioning into spring pieces has been kind of difficult I figured this would be the perfect time to showcase this look. I picked one of my favorite colors that I've enjoyed rocking and fell in love with this look. Most monochromatic looks are not intentional for the most part and most pieces already exist in your wardrobe!

Check out my monochromatic board on pinterest for more inspiration!

So guys, what do you have planned for the weekend? I have the luxury of having a 7 day break after today and can't wait to soak it in. I'll be traveling back home to Saint Louis to spend time with my family and get ready for my graduation pics. With just 50 days away from graduation I have a lot going on over these ways! All in all make sure to be productive with what ever your doing!


Ra'Chell Richards