Less Attitude. More Cleavage.

I recently received this convertible bra from UpBra that's #1 purpose is to get the cleavage on fleek ladies! Yes! A bra created to make your cleavage pop as much as your heart desires. As a woman I'm aware of how stressful it can be searching for the perfect versatile bra that no only holds the girls up but that's comfortable and can help with cleavage with out having to go under the knife.

3 key elements

natural CLEAVAGE


natural LIFT

I'm sure you're wondering what truly sets UpBra apart from other bras?

Aside from enhancing your cleavage just from the bra itself you can also set how high or low you would like it to be.  The bra comes equip with two straps that are located at the lower part of bra allowing the flexibility to adjust it. You can go from work to a nice date night with the same bra..with MORE CLEAVAGE.. in the same day!

I decided to test if the Upbra lives up to the many things the company said it would provide for my cleavage. I compared it to one of my favorite go to black bras that I usually can wear with everyday looks and date night looks. I'm sure you're wondering...Was I amazed by the results or not?

Let's take a look!

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 1.59.30 AM.png

Before: Here you can see my go to bra is doing two things for me..concealing my boobs and of course holding them up. I never realized before how little this bra actually provided for me.



After: Here you can physically see the UpBra doing multiple things for my boobs. Not only is the bra holding them up at a perfect level but the cleavage is obviously more visible! I was honestly amazed at the results.  In case you're wondering I have my Upbra set at a lower level and it still providing results.

How versatile is the UpBra?

The Upbra can be purchased in two different styles convertible and Miraculous Stay-Up. I'm sure you're wondering what's the difference between the two? The convertible Upbra comes with two straps that can be taken on and off and also allows you 32 different ways to style your bra. The Miraculous Stay-Up Strapless Bra on the other hand has a specialty formulated vinyl grip that helps keep you up.

how many different shades does the UpBra come in?

3 Neutral Shades




I'm not sure about you but I am certainly sold on the Upbra! I can honestly say that it gave me comfort, a nice lift, and of course amazing cleavage. Looking for a live demo of the Upbra? Head over to my Youtube channel now and check it out live. Of course because I've always got you all covered the company was also nice enough to send over a discount code for my readers.

Discount code for $10 off: WB-D10-211


Disclaimer: Thanks to Upbra for sponsoring today's post. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

Ra'Chell Richards