Backless Maxi + It's My Birthday



How grateful am I to have friends, family and supporters who push me to do what I love everyday? This past year has been nothing short of amazing!

What better way to bring in another year than with a little piece of home! As many of you may know I was born and raised in Saint Louis, MO and as of recent have moved to the East Coast. SO you know I was beyond ecstatic and grateful when I received this backless maxi dress at my door step from from G'Annah's BraveHeart Collection located in Saint Louis! It was the perfect piece to bring in another year in a new state and still feel a bit at home.

Birthdays are a time for celebration and taking on new opportunities to grow. I figured since it is in fact my "Jordan" year (as the young folks would call it) why not make twenty-three birthday goals that I would like to achieve this upcoming year. What better place to share it than with you all who motivate me to do so much! Plus -- if I make it live I'm more accountable to get it done. So here we GO!

23 Jordan Goals: 

  1. Reach 20k amazing followers on Instagram
  2. Travel for the blog
  3. Virtual Styling
  4. Essence Festival
  5. Meet at least (5) unknown individuals who read the blog
  6. Reach 100,000 blog views
  7. Celebrate 1 year blog anniversary
  8. Strengthen relationship with Christ
  9. Less Fear + More Faith
  10. Eat Healthy
  11. Pick up another hobby
  12. Taking a cooking class ( for more experience + fun)
  13. Finish EVERYTHING I start
  14. Work with at least 10 NEW brands
  15.  Do something that I've been afraid to do (maybe indoor skydiving)
  16. Read 3 books suggested by my favorite bloggers
  17.  Take my blog from part time to full time
  18.  Have my family visit Philly for the first time
  19. Think of a cool nickname for my supporters
  20.  Gain genuine friendships on the East Coast
  21. Attend a blog conference
  22. Also attend a workshop provided by a mentor or blogger
  23. Gain a mentee


Welp -- HERE WE GO!!! I look forward to another year of growth and prosperity.




Ra'Chell Richards