How To Leave A Lasting Impression With Your Style

Remember that saying you always heard from your mom before heading out to a interview "Make your first impression a lasting impression". Have you ever thought about approaching your wardrobe as such? Probably not. It seems so cliche to want to leave a lasting impression with your image. But lets be honest here... how many people have you judged by the way that they dress? Come on. We all do it even if it's for a split second. It's in our nature and actually hard to resist. Since we know that we do it and others do the same to us how can we leave a lasting impression with our style?


There are 3 elements you can implement when trying to leave a lasting impression with your style.

  • Approach your style as a 30 second elevator speech

  • Make your lasting impression AUTHENTIC

  • Be Confident


Imagine... you've now entered a elevator and your lovely elevator "buddy" is looking you up and down hunny. She or he is trying to get a good feel of who you are with out the normal conversation like a elevator speech. You (my friend) now have 30 seconds to leave a lasting impression on this individual. SO.. approach your wardrobe the way that you would approach your 30 second elevator speech. With a 30 second elevator speech you want to make a clear and brief message of who you are just as you would with your wardrobe. Imagine how hard this could be for some just letting there style speak for itself but if the style is genuine then you have no worries.

Remember: If you stay don't have to get ready!



Here's where we get to the good stuff but it can also seem a bit harsh. If you're not authentically being yourself than you're wasting your time. More so this relates to fashion than trying to get a job. I mean everyone probably puts on a little bit of a front to get the job they want (haaahaa) but with your style if it's not authentically you people will soon catch on. Your style represents you in and out. You want to make sure that not only the image your putting out is authentic but it's something you wouldn't mind being associated with.

  • Make sure it's authentic
  • Don't over do it or over think it


Be Confident

If your look is actually authentic then it allows you to be confident with what your rocking. Nothing stops the room or captures one attention like someone who's overly confident. That confident allows for you to be seen even if you're not heard. Go ahead and let your style do the talking for once!


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Ra'Chell Richards