How to Gain Over 300 Instagram Followers Overnight

A week ago my Instagram literally blew up over night! I mean I went to sleep with 4,442 followers and woke up to over 300+ new followers. Now, just a few days later an additional 200 has been added to that number. I'm guessing that its about that time that I dish out all of my tips that have been working for me. I've never seen anything like it since being on the web and wanted to share my social media strategy with you all! So...grab some paper and a pen and lets get to it!

+ Find a theme or create one

Whether you love fashion, food, nature, traveling, etc there is a theme out there for you. Themes are very important because it instantly helps capture your audience when they come to your page. It sets them up to become apart of this journey that your capturing. Anybody can take photographs but not everyone can set them up to tell a story on a page. This is exactly whats going to set you aside from the rest and not be looked at as mediocre. What story would you like to tell on your feed? I'll give you a tip with creating your story. Your FIRST 9 pictures should immediately give a feel of who you are, what you offer, what you like etc. Before anyone continues strolling they can only take in those 9 pictures, your bio, and following. I would say that that gives you about 5 seconds to capture your audience attention when they come to your page. Find something that you will truly like and be able to stick to. This is handy because you don't want it to feel like a job that you can't keep up with. Instead be excited about adding more to your feed to continue to tell your story. Also in case you didn't notice my theme..I decided to stick to very bold colors and use one row straight across to showcase the same look. This way the colors on my page immediately captures my viewers attention and they get three different views of the same look which really helps my account come together like a lookbook! Everyone has been loving the theme so far!


Take a look at this Instagram and how Morgan sets her theme up on her account.


Here's a great example of a theme that lands perfectly with the first 9 pictures. The overall theme of this page is sticking to cool/dark tones. Nothing bright and not too much color. We also get a feel that she's into fashion and likes to explore. With out going any further as a viewer we can tell if this will make us want to keep strolling or immediately go back. Either way she does a great job with capturing ones attention!

+ Pay attention to audience

The great thing about social media is that everyone is so engaged - which I LOVE. With out thinking hard or digging deep you get a great sense of what your audience likes to see from you. Pay attention to the post that they like or comment on the most. This will help you get a sense on what works best with gaining more followers. 1.) Ultimately you want to post what you like but 2.) you also want to cater to your audience. For me my audience loves my sense of fashion and my big curly hair. I know without a doubt that that's exactly what they come to my page for and I love it!

+ Utilize hashtags

Hashtags can honestly be the devil if you're not sure how to utilize them or they can be your BEST FRIEND! Instead of going down the horrible route of how not to use them we're just going to help you learn how you can use them. Incase you're absolutely clueless about what hashtags are lets break it down. All hashtags use this symbol ( # ). It allows you to tag companies, places, make up your own hashtag, and everything inbetween. With this it makes it easier for more people to find your pictures and page. It also allows you the opportunity to find more people. It also works great to create your own hashtag for your post so that you're able to keep up with pictures. For instance if you hosted an event and wanted to see others photographs you can simply provide a hashtag for everyone to use and refer to it later to like, comment, and repost images. When using hashtags you want to make sure that they're relevant to what your posting and that it's actually going to bring engagement to your post instead of spam. Finding the right hashtags can take a bit of work and trial and error points but once you get the hang of them they will be life changing. Last tip. Once you find the hashtags you want to utilize its best to post your picture first and then comment below with your hashtags. This may sound weird, crazy, and odd but it allows your picture to get attention with out distracting your audience with your hashtags. If you post your hashtags with your photograph as the captain it immediately comes off as a turn off to a lot of people and companies. The great thing about it is that once your audience starts commenting your comment with your hashtags does not over power your picture.

+ Post at specific times

When looking for best results and interactions when it comes to posting for Instagram you want to pay close attention to the time that followers are most active. Depending on your location you might be in a slightly different time zone but that could still be a great sign in figuring out what works and what doesn't work. We know that social media is honestly popping so no matter what there is ALWAYS going to be people online. Other than that simply google "Best times to post on Instagram" and from there you'll be able to see when the most engagement and interaction is happening.

+ Engage with audience

I can't express to you how good it feels to receive or give a comment. No matter if you have 1,000 or 100,000 followers its always good to engage and interact with them. Show them that you appreciate there comments and also allow time to go check on to there pages as well. A simply like, comment, or repost can go a long way. Maybe you can't respond to everyone but try to get a chance to at least respond to some. No matter if I'm busy or not I always try to go back and respond to my followers especially if there looking for more information on a look or a style. When your audience sees you interacting they immediately feel like they know you and also that you know them just a bit more. Nothing irritates me more than being constantly ignored by someone I look up to with out any acknowledgment at all to my comments.

+ Build friendships/relationships

All and all no matter if you're looking to grow your following or just post for fun it's great to build friendships and relationships. A lot of great opportunities can and may arise from social media and the most successful ones or with people who build good relationships. I think its so cool to say "Hey, I've never been to Toronto before but I have a few followers over that way that I talk to all the time"! And heyy... who knows maybe you'll be able to link up with them in the near future! Social media can be taken overly serious sometimes and its good to keep in mind that its informative but its also fun!

I hope that these tips where helpful for you all and you've successfully learned how to grow a bigger following.

After reading all of this we should TOTALLY be friends on Instagram!

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Ra'Chell Richards