Floral Print Jumpsuit



Happy Tuesday!

There's so many things I love about Philly from the crazy art work plastered all over the city to the enormous variety of food places to eat at. What's really the best are all the daily activities available to get into! It's very rare that I actually wake up in the city with nothing to do or just feel the need to get away. This past Saturday my fiance and I headed down to the Manayunk Arts Festival where a variety of vendors, restaurants, and shops were set up.

I took it as the perfect opportunity to pull out this lovely floral print jumpsuit from Eccentric Kristoure and hunny let me tell you -- this was a showstopper! This jumpsuit was the perfect light weight outfit! Honestly, everyone that walked past admired this look -- from the fabric to the flow -- all the way to the cut of this piece. The "Whitley" romper is perfectly comfortable, versatile, and cute for any occasion or event that one might come across. Not only did I feel beautiful in it but I felt like my skin was beyond radiant!  I'm not always into floral prints but when I do decide to rock them, I always try to figure out a way to make them look mature yet still stylish.

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XOXO -Rocky

Ra'Chell Richards