Army + Burgundy Sheer Blouse


This past week flew by so fast and I must say it was super exciting! Isn't it funny how something that was stressing you the most becomes the thing that involves the least stress. This week was jammed packed with assignments and task that I wanted to complete. For the most part I tackled them and felt accomplished. Ultimately, It required a lot of self discipline on my part and dedication.

I snagged this amazing bag a few months back during Saint Louis Fashion Week. While in Saint Louis me and the other V.I.P bloggers stopped by a lot of boutiques, consignment shops, and restaurants. In one of the consignment shops we went in I found this clutch. I'm a HUGE Bey Hive fan and knew I needed it in my life Chille. Wait. And than Beyonce puts out formation and it made me feel myself even more. I will always SLAY for the Queen Bee. I like to think that I slayed this past week with outfits, work, and just getting things accomplished!


How are you SLAYING your week?





Ra'Chell Richards