Multicolor Fur + Light Denim



This past weekend I headed to the east coast to enjoy Valentines Day with my love. I mean talk about someone who caters to your every need just to see you smile! (Inserts love emoji) Even though our weekend was great I ran into issues trying to get a flight back to the Midwest. The old me wanted to scream, shout, and get upset to let them know that I had somewhere to be Monday morning! I couldn't possibly have a canceled flight with no other options! But the new me helped me look over at my partner and completely trust that things would work out and they did.

It's so amazing to watch how love can blossom and bloom on a day to day basics. I was stuck on the east coast for 72 hours and I enjoyed every last minute of it. I was able to take the extra time I needed to give my man more attention and of course myself. Sometimes we find ourselves working so hard to get things done that we fall into a routine and forget about our own needs. I truly believe that things happen in life so we can slow down. BREATHE. Take in what we're experiencing in that moment.

As much as this weather has been warming up, I've still been trying to keep warm to prevent myself from getting sick. Man I'm so glad I snagged this fur recently because the weather there was absolutely crazy. I mean wind blowing, snow, name it. I knew this piece would add the perfect touch to my outfits allowing me to stay warm and chic. When I purchased it I didn't know exactly what I would wear it with..and that was fine with me. The #1 thing I teach to people all the time is....


That sounds crazy right? Investing in something I might not wear everyday?  These pieces are very critical in ones wardrobe and are perfect go-to's.

Are you taking time for yourself these days?


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