Ruffled Blouse + Overalls


Now that the season is starting to wrap up, this creates the perfect opportunity for you to get your hands on the items you've been waiting on. A lot of company's are marking down items and making space for the new season! I had my heart set on a olive trench coat for the longest but never wanted to pay the crazy price I saw...and I didn't. I calmly continued to wait and finally walked in the store and ran across this beauty. With only one more left I snagged it for a great price and ran out the store. How did I do it?

Lesson: Be Patient

This applies to shopping, working, and life in general. Sometimes we're in such a rush to get that next item, make it to the next destination, get a promotion...etc but patience is key. Waiting may not be easy but it may just be the very thing that gets you what you've been wanting.

Lesson: It's Levels to This Shopping Thing

Just as you get in the habit to plan out your daily work you want to do the same when it comes to shopping. Great shoppers are the ones that not only go in with a plan but a budget. With a budget one will be more likely to come out successful. Also have a plan on what items or styles your looking to pick up. With this is easier to shops and prevents you from walking out empty handy or with loads of items you didn't really need.

Lesson: Adding Substance

You want to make sure that the items you're picking up are not only adding substance to your wardrobe but benefiting it as well. Get out of the habit of picking up the same colors, shirts, styles, and get in the habit of expanding your wardrobe. The best thing to do when it comes to expanding your wardrobe is keep track of the things that are already their. With this you know what your looking for and whats ultimately going to help you.


With all of this being said...

I'm excited to offer to you all my FREE MONTHLY SHOPPING CHECKLIST! With all of the tips and tricks that I listed today with the monthly shopping checklist you'll be shopping like a pro.


Ra'Chell Richards