If you're anything like me then I know you're saying to yourself...not another bag! YES GIRL-- if you don't own all five of these bags than you're certainly missing out. Are you the type of woman that has TONS of bags but tend to grab the same styles when you shop? Yea- we're about to get you together real quick because what we don't have time for is wasting our hard earned money on the same pieces. The great thing about all of these bags is that there is not ONE event/place that one of these bags will not be suitable for. Whether you're headed to the office, happy hour, play date, or interview I've got you covered. Lets get to it!

Check out how I'm rocking my essential bags!


Whether big or small clutches have become the best go to purse when on the go. The small feel and chic look gives every woman the ability to do as she please without the heavy load. What I love most about clutches is the fact that it kind of forces us to carry less. As women we know the struggle with carrying our whole life in a bag! If the bag is large then in our minds we have to find a way to fill it up. 90% of the things we have in our purses are necessary but we can defiantly do without. You know how I know? Because somehow when it's time to carry a clutch we find a way to only carry what's truly necessary!



I'll admit I wasn't the fondest about carrying a backpack because I was so accustomed to carrying large purses. Oh ma'am- once I started traveling frequently and having to tote around heavy items I certainly went out and looked for the most stylish backpack I could find. You can keep it simple or you can dress it up.


The satchel is one of the most popular bags out of the 5. Many women own a satchel and love to grab it daily! It happens to be my favorite of the bunch and adds so much style to my looks. Satchels create the perfect medium for looks-- its not too large and most of the time it's not to small. A great size to carry large items on the go and even keep it simple with your basic necessities.




Cross body bags allow us to free our hands and arms from handling our daily work of carrying a bag. When selecting a cross body bag going for something that can be universal is key. Considering the cross body bags are not worn every day you probably wouldn't purchase a HOT pink one before investing in a nice mauve color. With a nice mauve color you'll be able to pair it with different looks and get the most BANG for your bucks.


  • TOTE

They're coming out with the most stylish totes these days. If you're running late to a meeting this will be your best friend. It's the perfect size for a laptop, folder, car keys, wallet, and so much more. In other words it's pretty big so of course you wouldn't wear it for a late night dinner date but more so during business trips, short overnight stays, or even just....well you get the point. With knowing that I may be carrying large items in my tote I usually recommend investing in a good one ( you certainly don't want your straps giving out on you while you're running through the airport trying to catch a flight--ughhh).

Listen-- if you had one of each of these bags in BLACK you would be set to go. It's not an outfit or place that you can't go that wouldn't fit the piece. If you're looking to keep a very minimal wardrobe I would certainly recommend owning at least one! NOWWWW in just a matter of minutes you've went from sticking to the same look to a fashionable fashionista!

How are you rocking your bags this season? I'm a very colorful woman and love to add pops of color to my look by adding a nice bag. If you're looking for inspiration --keep up with me on instagram! @itsarockyworld

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Ra'Chell Richards