Red Dress + Dress Like A Million Bucks Without Breaking The Back

Dress Like A Million Bucks Without Breaking The Back
Dress Like A Million Bucks Without Breaking The Back
Dress Like A Million Bucks Without Breaking The Back
Dress Like A Million Bucks Without Breaking The Back
Dress Like A Million Bucks Without Breaking The Back

Everybody wants to get that Kim K. look, butt, and face beat but don’t want to pay the cost for it! Haha I get it. So how can I help YOU–Dress Like A Million Bucks Without Breaking the Bank you may ask?

Advice #1 | Sister Stores

If it came from Kim K than it probably is more than likely more than what you would like to buy it for. Please don’t sell your soul for that limited edition bag that Beyonce has just to say you have it. Let’s be smart and work our way around the fashion world. More than likely if it’s something out there you like 9 times out of 10 it’s another item that gives you the same feel. I’m big on name brands but as a BROKE college student I just can’t splurge on one item and still plan to make it to my next meal. LOL. TRUTH! So- I’ve gotten smart about it and started shopping at sister stores of the brands I like. Let me get you H I P. Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Gap are owned by the same retail brand. All of which serve many different purposes and out of one of them your needs will be catered too. Therefore I know if I can’t get it at Banana Republic I can probably find the look for less at Old Navy.

Advice #2 | Get the look for less

Now, if you simply don’t care about a label than here’s where you fit in at. GET THE LOOK FOR LESS. Maybe that item you’ve been eyeing is just a little too expensive and you’re just not about that life (I’m not neither). Nothing is better than a good sale and if it’s not on sale at least the price is still reasonable. What I love about places likes H&M is the fact that they offer quality looks for reasonable prices. This dress was purchased from H&M during the holidays for $19.99. The details on this dress is absolutely amazing and stopped so many heads when I went out to shoot. I mean you cant beat that. Plus the deals you receive just for signing up for there emails add more BANG to your BUCKS! It’s nothing like receiving 50% off already marked down items. BTW..this dress is on saleright now for…$9.99


Advice #3 | Wait on it

If you absolutely need a piece that you’ve been eyeing for a minute and you don’t have the funds no worries! You can either save up for the item or keep watch on it. Rocky what do you mean keep watch? Most of the time we’re DYING to get our hands on a piece so bad and forget that there’s this thing called MARK DOWN! Wait till the item goes down to a more reasonable price that fits your budget and make your purchase. You’ll feel GREAT knowing you finally have it and you’ll feel even more amazing knowing how much money you saved on it!

Advice #4 | It MUST be name brand

If it absolutely must be name brand than you’re still in luck. Try checking out stores and sites that sell name brand items for discounted prices. I normally don’t give up my source on my online shopping places–but what the heck! Get a pen, notepad, and get this tea! First, I love to checkout Nordstrom Rack. You can either shop in stores or you can shop online. Nordstrom Rack is a fashion retailer based in the United States which is owned by Nordstrom. You can find items such as clothing, accessories, home decor, etc. The main purpose of this store is that you can most likely find the same name brands you would want in Nordstroms at Nordstroms for a discounted price! Hautelook is the exact same way in which its affiliated with Nordstrom Rack excepts it’s only online based. With Hautelook you have to sign up as a member (which the sign up is free) to receive there deals. You’ll receive a email straight to your inbox telling you about pre deals they have coming up, daily deals, and future deals. Hautelook as well sells top designers and if you receive a purchase you’re not happy with or may not be able to fit you can simply return it to a local Nordstrom Rack!

Check out some of my favorite places to shop for quality items–

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