Plain Tee + Army Pants

So midterms are coming up next week and this week has already got me feeling like -JESUS take the wheel. Honestly, I’m trying to map out time for both jobs, meetings, class work, online work, and lastly blog work. I think I’m the only student already asking “when is thanksgiving break again“? LOL.

This look was really chill and honestly required nothing of me but to bring the bad girl attitude. I snatched up these Camo pants a few weekends ago and I’ve been waiting to pull them out my closet. They’re actually really comfortable and have a stretch to them! Believe it or not before a few weeks ago I didn’t own a PLAIN WHITE TEE!!! I don’t know how I lived without having multiple plain shirts in my closet. It’s the perfect option just to pull out your closet and throw on with some bottoms. Lastly, if you’re looking for some booties for the fall that give you height but are still appropriate to wear on campus, to work, and running everyday errands these are perfect! I wore these to class today and didn’t rush back to the car to get them off!

Ra'Chell Richards