Multicolored Fur + Fringe Skirt

I’m all about details these days and figuring out new ways to jazz up my simple go to pieces. I picked up this Multicolored Fur + Fringe Skirt this morning and headed out the door. These days I’m trying not to think so deeply about my outfits but instead have fun with them! I know this can be a bit much for some but my motto is “you can never be overdressed but you can surely be under dressed”!

This skirt happens to be my favorite because it’s super flirty and of course fun! With a little skip, twist, or spin you are sure to brighten anybody’s mood with this piece.  As I say to say myself all the time, why not pick out pieces that not only entertain you but stops the crowd as well? This multicolored faux fur adds the perfect touch of texture and allows your outfit to go from blah to FAB! I’mma sucker for ALL black so I would defiantly rock this in the day time with the faux fur and later for happy hour drinks without it! See– now you have a 2 in 1 outfit! YOU GO GIRL! 

Ra'Chell Richards