All the Inspiration you need to attend Curlfest in 2018

Started m day off at 6am sharp to get prepared for one of the

This was my first year attending Curlfest and I must say the hype and excitement is real you guys. Being able to experience such an amazing event with not only friends but so many beautiful individuals that inspire and look like me was unexplainable. I had the honor of attending my first year with a friend of mine Dayna Bolden.


Here’s to some of the best years I’ll remember of my life. I finally was off on my own and headed off to college four hours away from what I called home! Homesick? Not at all! I loved every thing about going away to school (Okay maybe not everything) but for the most part everything was great. I was never a “turn up” type of person. My idea of fun was enjoying myself with close friends and heading back to my space. In the beginning, I attended almost every college party thrown and was pretty known around campus but I was still alone. After being alone for so long, I remember saying one day to my mentor “I think I need to lower my standards a bit” and I’ll never forget the moment she looked at me and said “Never lower your standards for anyone or anything. You can adjust them but never lower them”.

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